Type Definitions


  • Object
Name Type Argument Default Description
scriptName string <optional>
name of server side script file that should be executed when a new session is created. This module must export a constructor that takes a session as its only argument (module.exports = function (session)). This property has to contain only numbers (0-9) and letters (A-Za-z) for security reasons. Multi will look for the given module name inside a 'games' directory that lies next to the multi directory.
token.func string <optional>
'numeric' name of a function inside the module:server/token module that should generate the session token
token.args Array <optional>
[] argument array for the token generationfunction
minPlayerNeeded integer <optional>
1 minimum number of players needed for this session
maxPlayerAllowed integer <optional>
10 maximum number of players allowed for this session. Every addition player won't be allowed to join the session.
filter Array.<string> <optional>
list of names of filter functions. The functions have to be defined in module:server/filter and will then be used to filter outgoing server-messages.