Tutorial: 03 error handling

03 error handling

// init multi with path to socket server
var multi = multiModule.init({server: 'http://mySocketioServer/' });

// try to create a new session
// the documentation also lists all errors that may occur
multi.createSession().then(onSession, onSessionFailed).done();

function onSession(session) {
  // everything worked

// an error occurred
// see multi-module for all error types
function onSessionFailed(error) {
  if (error instanceof multiModule.NoConnectionError) {
    // there is no connection to the socket server
  } else if (error instanceof multiModule.TokenAlreadyExistsError) {
    // a session with the same token does already exist on the server
    // this should not happen when using the default token
  } else if (error instanceof multiModule.ScriptNameNotAllowedError) {
    // the script name defined inside the SessionOptions is invalid
    // this should not happen with the default settings
  } else if (error instanceof multiModule.MultiError){
    // some other thing went wrong on the server side